This blog is dedicated to my thoughts on pseudoscience, a concept that appears scientific on the surface but lacks any kind of credible support. The biggest three perpetrators, in my opinion, are ufology, cryptozoology, and creation science (a.k.a. intelligent design). Having even a basic understanding of science is important because our elected officials are in charge of funding scientific research. Congress no longer has an official science advisory board (Newt Gingrich dismantled it in 1995), so the decision to implement responsible medical, environmental, and technology policy based on sound scientific evidence falls squarely on the shoulders of these men and women. Yet, they often fall prey to and/or espouse pseudoscientific claims. This is why it’s important to  foster an interest in science in children so they will know how to recognize the real stuff from the junk as adults.

The name of this blog comes from the traditional Chinese view of the Gibbon ape, which was considered an immortal being with supernatural powers. It is also influenced by my favorite literary figure, Sun Wukong, an immortal stone monkey from the 16th-century novel Journey to the West (西游记).

A mated pair of gibbons.


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  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I love Journey To The West! It’s one of my childhood stories that my parents used to read to me. My parents had a picture book version, written completely in Chinese (Mandarin). Later, I watched the movie, also in Chinese (Mandarin). My favorite part of the book was the part when Sun Wukong urinated on the god’s hand. I always thought that was hilarious!

    I am definitely bookmarking this blog. Keep me updated.

    • ghostexorcist

      I fell in love with Xiyouji when I first read it 13 years ago. I’ve only read the English edition since my Chinese is not very good. Wukong’s rebellion against heaven is also my favorite part.

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